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Daily at Tour Price
10:45 Free Tour FREE
14:30, (Fri-Sun) Kremlin Tour 47 € / 3300 RUB
15:00 Metro Tour 31 € / 2200 RUB
17:30 Communist Tour 31 € / 2200 RUB
18:00, (Fri-Sun) Alternative Moscow Tour 31 € / 2200 RUB
7 DAY PASS - ALL TOURS! Moscow city pass 97 € ( 144 € ) / 6800 RUB
Ask Bunker Underground 81 € ( 111 € )/ 3350 RUB
only Fri Utopian Soviet Buildings 47 € / 2950 RUB

You can split your tours or do several of them on the same day.



Moscow Free Tour: Every day, 10:45 AM

Moscow Free Tour: every day, 10:45 AM

Since 2011 Moscow Free Tour has been rated number 1 among all the Moscow tour companies (according to TripAdvisor.com, the world's largest travel site). Our Free Tour covers the most important and interesting attractions of the city: St. Basil's Cathedral, Red Square, Lenin's mausoleum, etc.


  • We love our city and we want to share it with guests, regardless of their budget. We want to change foreign tourists' perception of Moscow and show a beautiful, modern, open-minded and friendly city. You might like our Free Tour so much that you will decide to join our paid tours.

Just make a booking, and our guides will eagerly take you for an amazing walk through our magical city!

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Time: 10:45 AM
Duration: 2.5 hr
Available: daily
Price: FREE
Students: FREE
Language: English


Moscow Metro Tour: Every day, 3 PM

Moscow Metro Tour: every day, 3 PM

Take our Moscow Metro Tour and discover why our subway is recognized as the most beautiful in the world!

"They used to have palaces for kings, we are going to build palaces for the people!" said one of the main architects of the Soviet subway. With us you will see the most beautiful metro stations in Moscow built under Stalin: Komsomolskaya, Revolution square, Novoslobodskaya, Mayakovskaya. Our guide will tell fascinating stories and secrets hidden underground, urban legends and funny stories. How many babies were born on the Moscow metro? Where is the secret Metro 2? How deep is the Moscow metro? And where did Stalin give his speech in November 1941? Join out Metro tour and find out!
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Booking is not essential! Just come and join the tour!

Time: 3 PM
Price: 31 € / 2200 RUB
Students: 23 € / 1700 RUB
Language: English
Duration: 1.5 hour
Includes: Metro tickets, guide
Available: Every day


Moscow Kremlin tour: 2.30 pm, Friday-Sunday

Moscow Kremlin Tour: Every day, exc. Thu, 2.30 PM

The only Kremlin Tour in Moscow you can just show up and join! No prepayments!

The Moscow Kremlin is a must-see attraction in Russia, a beautiful fortress in the heart of the city full of history and legends. It used to be a residence of Russian tsars and communist leaders and now it's a working place of the president of Russia. Behind medieval walls you will discover the oldest square of Moscow and amazing cathedrals where Russian rulers used to get married, crowned and buried. You will see once the largest cannon and church bell in the world. 8 hundred years of Russian history in one place. Don't miss this experience with Moscow Free tour. No prepayment and no cancelation fee.
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Time: 2.30 PM, Fri-Sun
Price: 47 € / 3300 RUB
Students: 39 € / 2800 RUB
Language: English
Duration: 1.5 hour
Includes: Kremlin tickets, guide


Communist Moscow Tour: Every day, 5:30 PM

Communist Moscow Tour: every day, 5:30 PM

For more than 70 years Moscow was the capital of the huge Soviet empire. The streets of the city are still full of remnants of the communist regime and the Cold War, and the fearsome Soviet strongholds still guard the young democracy in Russia.

Take our communist tour and see the infamous headquarters of the KGB also know as Lubyanka, Revolution sq. and the last Karl Marx monument in Moscow, the Bolshoi theatre and the first McDonalds in the USSR. Discover hidden pages of the Soviet history from the Great October Revolution to Perestroika, from Lenin to Gorbachev. We will speak about the Great Terror under Stalin, the GULAG system, secret KGB prison and how people lived in the Soviet Union.
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Booking is not essential! Just come and join the tour!

Time: 5:30 PM
Price: 31 € / 2200 RUB
Students: 23 € / 1700 RUB
Language: English
Duration: 2 hours
Includes: Guide
Available: Every day


Alternative Moscow Tour: Friday-Sunday, 6:00 PM.

Alternative Moscow Tour: every day, 6:00 PMt. Other times on request! A short walk from Red square and St. Basil's cathedral and you will find yourself in a neighborhood full of mystery, urban legends and myths. You will see how Moscow looked like in the nineteenth century, take a ride on a historic tram and listen to amazing stories about ghosts, famous criminals and eccentric merchants. If you want to understand the local culture, then experience it yourself. Moscow off the beaten track is one of the best ways to do it. You will see:
  • St. John's hill, a quiet place in the city center with a pre-revolutionary spirit
  • Khokhlovka, Russian hipsters and street art
  • Khitrovka, the most terrifying neighborhood of Moscow in the nineteenth century: criminals, brothels and alcohol
  • Zamoskvorechie, beautiful streets and lanes full of legends and love stories.
More info & meeting point details

Booking is essential!

Time: 6:00 PM, Fri-Sun
Price: 31 € / 2200 RUB
Students: 23 € / 1700 RUB
Language: English
Duration: 2 hours
Includes: guide, tram ticket


Get 4 daily tours just for 97€

Save money buying all of our tours! Take Moscow City Pass and get 4 daily tours just for 97€.



Just choose and book the first tour you’d like to take – you’ll be able to purchase the Moscow City Pass on that tour and then visit other three tours during the week.

Price: 97 € / 6800 RUB
Students: 81 € / 5800 RUB

Bunker-42: A Secret Stalin's Times Bunker in the Center of Moscow

Bunker-42: A Secret Stalin's Times Bunker in the Center of Moscow

Hit the secret nuclear bunker of the the Cold War times in the center of Moscow!

Moscow Free Tour Company will provide you the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the Cold War, find out what life was like at a secret underground bunker... and launch an intercontinental ballistic missile! In the heart of Moscow, at a depth of 65 meters, there is a real monument of the Cold War - a huge secret bunker of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR. It was designed in the 50s, could protect 500 people in case of a nuclear attack and support them for a month. Moscow Free Tour Company will provide you the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the Cold War, find out what life was like at a secret underground bunker... and launch an intercontinental ballistic missile! On our Bunker 42 Tour you will:
  • walk with a guide across all levels of the secret Bunker-42
  • visit the Museum of the Cold War and get a crash course on the history of the war
  • as a little bonus, you will "survive" a nuclear attack and launch a ballistic missile!

Please note that tour happens not every day and the schedule may vary. If you booked the tour online, please wait until our administrator will contact you to confirm the date and time of the tour. Or contact us +7 495 222 34 66.

Price: 54 € / 3350 RUB
Students: 37 € / 2350 RUB
Language: English
Duration: 1.5 hour
Includes: Bunker tickets, a guide

+7 (495) 222-34-66
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"A very enjoybale day in Moscow. We had a very nice and knowledgeable guide Anastasia.(Nastia) She was very passionate about the City and we learnt so much in our brief four hours walk with her! Certainly this walking tour added a lot of value to our Moscow Holiday. A great idea to educate visitors about Russia and Moscow. The group was intimate enough to ask questions and stop for snacks etc..we thoriughly enjoyed it and would highly reccomend it.Carry on doing a great job!"

- Shilpa, UK


"I really enjoyed the tour, it was a great experience, very informative and fun. I will definitely tell everybody about that tour, keep it it is a fantastic idea!"

- Alexa, Germany


"Sorry I do not remember the names :( ... They were very talkative and very into everything. I think they both really love the city, and they made me feel like this to. They knew much about History, which was very informative! Great guides!!!"

- Malte, Germany


"We partook of the fantastic Petersburg Free Tour. Due to our timing during the low season (shockingly not everyone is flocking to Moscow while the average temperature is 15F), it ended up being just us and Sonia, the afore-mentioned super-guide. She quickly ascertained the limited scope of our wanderings.."

- Berti, USA